How To Decorate with Tropical Metal Wall Art

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A tropical theme is a popular choice for decorating any room in the home. Those who love an island feel and the ocean shore want to bring the beauty and mystique of the seaside into their homes with beautiful metal wall art, lighthouses, and ocean-themed accessories. Decorating with tropical and nautical themes bring the memories of special vacations home.

Brighten Any Room Quickly

Fine works of art designed from metal add three-dimensional design and appeal to living room walls, and the choices are many. Consider choosing a lifelike metal replica of a large ocean fish, a school of tropical fish in a stunning contemporary style, or a majestic metal sailboat. Turn a chosen piece of metal wall art into the focal point of the room, and decorate around it with metal candle lanterns to create a striking display.

Palm trees are another good choice as they are not only reminiscent of a tropical paradise, but beautifully done when made from metal.

Other Design Elements For Your Tropical Look

Consider your color palette. Greens and blues should be incorporated into your decorating. If wall paper seems like too much of a hassle, you could always choose a lighter hue and paint your walls. Another option is using tropical metal wall art that has been painted to reflect these colors. It is a wonderful way to incorporate the blue green color scheme and the natural feel that is captured by metal art.

Beach umbrellas, bungalows, coconut palms, a sailor’s hideaway … below are five hand painted works of metal sculpture perfect for your tropical decorating. Click on any of them for more information and ordering details.

Coconut Palm Tree Alcove Metal Wall HangingCoconut-Palm-Tree-Oasis-Metal-Wall-ArtParadise-Bungalows-Island-Wall-Artsailors-hideaway-island-metal-artPalm Tree With Beach Umbrellas