From Bali … Handcrafted Wood Wall Sculpture

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There are stunning sunsets, sculpted rice terraces and a temple on almost every corner. You can drive around its entire coast in one long day. Only the Island of Bali offers such incomparable beauty and famous wood carvings. Some of the best carvers in the world are from Bali, where carving dates back from father to son for over 1000 years.

The Balinese have no word for “art”.  Art is not a category; it is a way of life. Hence the Balinese are very skilled crafts people and are known throughout the world for their handicrafts such as fabrics and weavings, wood carvings, painting and ceramics. is pleased to bring you its newest sculptures handcarved on the Island of Bali  – a sand dollar starfish wall sculpture, a triple shells wall sculpture, a very large sculpture of giant shells carved from Balinese  plantation-grown wood,  and a spilled bucket of shells.

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