Decorating Your Beach House

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Everyday life can be complicated and cluttered.  Don’t let that happen to the time you spend at your beach vacation home.  From the beaches of your childhood, enjoy our metal bucket wall art beautiful in any room.  Consider these 3 tips for decorating your beach vacation home on a budget.

  1. Reuse, Rescue and Repurpose
    Start collecting pieces. Hit the second hand stores in your hometown and near where your beach vacation home is located. Used furniture will work well in your beach home. Everything near the beach weathers quickly, so use that to your advantage. Keep an eye out for discarded pieces. Broken oars could go up on a wall. An old weathered door sitting on upturned flower pots could be an outdoor coffee table.  Consider using patio furniture inside. It’s often less expensive and gives you a great beach feel.
  2. Under Decorate
    Our homes are often too busy and too cluttered.  Don’t let this happen to your beach house.  Intentionally under decorate.  When you find interesting rocks and shells on the beach, bring them into your home for a spell and then return them to nature when you have to head back to the real world. When you do find things you’d like to display, group them so they make a greater impact.
  3. Get A Big Can of White Paint
    Decorating gets a lot easier and less expensive when you settle on white for almost everything. It’s perfect for a beach getaway where the light and airy feel you get with white paint fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Just like what you brought home from the beach when you were a child! Here’s our metal bucket full of sand and shells to remind you of the ocean. Measures 20x15x3.5 with soothing blue/greys, weathered starfish and shells, and beach grass.  CLICK to order!