Admiring Copper Artist Mark Malizia

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Mark Malizia has practiced three dimensional metal sculpting for almost 30 years. Keen observations of nature have inspired this self-taught craftsman. Mark has harbored a deep love and passion for fishing since he was a young boy. He spent many summer weekends fishing with his grandfather and uncles along the Jersey Shore.  His passion has endured because he is drawn to the big catch, and to the endless, awe-inspiring beauty of  the sea.

Mark is fascinated by the interplay of light, movement and form found on the ocean. This is realized in the unique depths and finishes of the metal sculpture you have discovered online. Mark hopes it will inspire your environment for years to come.

A customer who has purchased SIX of Mark’s art pieces exclaims here:

“I submitted an order yesterday for Sea and Sand (MM604) and can’t wait to receive. I am an avid admirer of your art work and have purchased six in the last couple of years for my two homes. In my home in PA,  I recently purchased Oyster Shells (MM305) and will put the Sea and Wave piece there when received, and here in Florida I have Heliconia XL (MM011) , Seagulls and Ocean Spray (MM110), Bamboo Jungle (MM002C) and Angelfish Reef (CO103A). I have them in various rooms and enjoy them all. They are admired by everyone who visits my homes and thought I would share my admiration of your designs and creations with you.”
Dianne W.,Landenberg PA. 10/16/12

Creative designs from high grade metals and colored in exotic patina finishes create that stand out art piece you‘ll treasure.
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