How To Decorate with Tropical Metal Wall Art

A tropical theme is a popular choice for decorating any room in the home. Those who love an island feel and the ocean shore want to bring the beauty and mystique of the seaside into their homes with beautiful metal wall art, lighthouses, and ocean-themed accessories. Decorating with tropical and nautical themes bring the memories of special vacations home.

Brighten Any Room Quickly

Fine works of art designed from metal add three-dimensional design and appeal to living room walls, and the choices are many. Consider choosing a lifelike metal replica of a large ocean fish, a school of tropical fish in a stunning contemporary style, or a majestic metal sailboat. Turn a chosen piece of metal wall art into the focal point of the room, and decorate around it with metal candle lanterns to create a striking display.

Palm trees are another good choice as they are not only reminiscent of a tropical paradise, but beautifully done when made from metal.

Other Design Elements For Your Tropical Look

Consider your color palette. Greens and blues should be incorporated into your decorating. If wall paper seems like too much of a hassle, you could always choose a lighter hue and paint your walls. Another option is using tropical metal wall art that has been painted to reflect these colors. It is a wonderful way to incorporate the blue green color scheme and the natural feel that is captured by metal art.

Beach umbrellas, bungalows, coconut palms, a sailor’s hideaway … below are five hand painted works of metal sculpture perfect for your tropical decorating. Click on any of them for more information and ordering details.

Coconut Palm Tree Alcove Metal Wall HangingCoconut-Palm-Tree-Oasis-Metal-Wall-ArtParadise-Bungalows-Island-Wall-Artsailors-hideaway-island-metal-artPalm Tree With Beach Umbrellas

A Beautiful Predator Metal Wall Art

These flashy Lookdown fish  present a truly singular vision: a wafer-thin, laterally-compressed body with mirror-like and highly reflective tiny silver scales, high-set eyes, low-set mouth, a steep concave forehead, and fins hinting at a predator designed for speed and agility.

If you’re looking for a dramatic focal point with a grand scale, we suggest the stunning Large School of Lookdown Fish or smaller stainless metal school of Lookdown fish by Copper Art.  The metallic palettes of both sculptures add sophistication with modern flair.

This stunning metal wall art is designed by artist Mark Malizia who has been creating metal wall art for almost 30 years.  His unique, creative wall hangings are made from copper and steel, and reproduced in his private studio on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Mark is fascinated by the interplay of light, movement and form found on the ocean. This is realized in the unique depths and finishes of his metal sculpture carried by many retailers throughout the US and abroad.

Click on the fish below to learn more about these exceptional sculptures.

Lookdown Fish Stainless Wall Art                                     Large School of Lookdown Fish

Metal Wall Art Dazzles With Light Reflections

New 3D wall art plays with light! Experience a whole new dimension in Light Reflective Art. Our 3D RefraXion™ line incorporates light reflections with dimension, giving it a unique effect. The piece changes color with the lighting and the direction viewed. No two pieces are alike.

RefraXions are made of heavy 14 gauge steel and weather proofed making them perfect for indoors and outdoors. Enhance your patio, den, entryway or anywhere with a beautiful durable piece of Light Reflective art.

Click on any image below to learn more about the product or CLICK HERE to see the full product category!

Follow The Beach Signs

This crab can’t read! But our hand carved sign will recall all your lazy days at the beach. Then follow the margarita sign to the bar. Of course!

We love this wooden Beach Sign … a perfect accent piece for a table, bookshelf or wall shelf. The sign itself is made of weathered wood and features hand carved sea shells and a sand dollar along with wispy metal cattails.

Also, note this designer original metal wall art sign, featuring a beach bag filled with beach towel, sea shell, star fish plus flip flops. Attached is a wooden board that says “Welcome”.


Visit the whole collection of Beach Signs HERE.

Fun Summer Wall Decor

Take a wall on the wild side! Coastal and nautical wall art can be inspired by lowly flip flops, elegant sea shellssparkling starfish, beautiful mermaids, kids’ surfboards, tropical drinks, fruits and flowers, crabs in pots, crabs on pilings … you name it. It can be hand carved from a solid piece of wood, then hand painted. It can be hand cut and sculpted from metal and recycled steel drums.

It can be metal wall art sculpted from copper, hand glazed and sealed, finally finished in washed colored patinas with a “wet look”. Elegant upscale finishes make these copper sculptures very popular for coastal home decor.

This wall decor can also be utilitarian with hooks for your beach towels. But this wall art is always fun, unique and beautiful!

Click HERE to see  more Wall Art and Beach Decor,






Handpainted New England Sea Village

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.”
[e.e. cummings]

Metal wall art looks great on large walls, where several pieces can be added to make a statement. More versatile than traditional art forms, metal wall art adds not only color and style, but dimension and light to wall spaces. Smaller walls or tight corners can also be decorated by hanging a smaller metal wall art item that can complement the metal wall sculpture on your statement wall. Since this art is not confined to a frame,  it offers more creative decorating options and can have more impact on your room than traditional wall coverings and art.


The above New England Sea Village perches on the metal wharf by the ocean, and welcomes you for a visit. This hand painted nautical village has weathered colors and gives you the feel of being on the pier in a New England village by the sea!

The Magic of Metal Wall Art

When you are displaying metal art on your wall, you will want to consider the shape of the wall as well as its size. You will also want to consider  lighting and angles so  the sculpture is attractive from various viewpoints in the room.

Two rules to keep in mind:

  1. Hang your wall art over a piece of furniture that is larger than the artwork.  If you hang a large picture over a small piece of furniture, then you will make the proportion of the furniture look a little off in your room.
  2. Make sure your painting is in proportion to your space. If you hang a small picture on a large wall, it will simply look lost and it will also throw off your room’s proportions.

Where to hang your wall art?
Generally five feet is considered a comfortable height. When you are using the five-foot guideline, it refers to the center of the piece of art. There are exceptions. In rooms where people tend to be sitting, you may want to hang your piece of art even lower on the wall.

While you can use wall art to inspire an entire room’s design, you can also use it to manipulate the size and shape of your room. For example, if you want the ceiling to appear taller than it actually is, you can orient your picture’s center lower than five feet, and if you want your ceiling to look lower, you can hang your pictures a littler higher on the wall. If you are creating this illusion, make sure that there is no furniture around your painting, because, the furniture will destroy the illusion that you are creating by reorienting your eye to the ceiling.

You can also hang a grouping of art to create an illusion of height or width. Hang your artwork vertically if you want your room to feel taller and hang them horizontally to create a more expansive feeling to your room.

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