The Trophy Dancing On The Sea

Sailfish Gamefish Sculpture

Brass Sailfish On Marble Base

“The fish breaks water and takes flight jumping into the sky, bouncing sunlight off its fin as only a sailfish can. He nearly rips you from the chair as he breaks and runs at speeds only approached by your racing heart. Though it seems like hours, it’s only been minutes since you hooked the hurricane at the end of your line. But, at this moment, you’re the one who’s hooked because the world’s only concern is that trophy dancing on the top of the sea.”
–  The Florida Keys and Key West

There is a wide variety of decorative fish sculptures to explore … from bill fish to sailfish, with many different styles, textures, colors and sizes to suit everyone’s needs, tastes and budget. Game fish sculptures make great accents in any home, office or outdoor space, and also make fantastic gifts for a sea life loving friend.

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